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Travel Planner Saint-Martin A-Z


The area of ​​Sint Martin is . The total length of the border between the Dutch and the French part of the island is 10 km.


St. Martin has 37 pearl white sandy beaches. The long Great Bay Beach in Philipsburg is always lively. Dawn Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches and is relatively remote. Guana Bay Beach is ideal for surfers. Cupecoy Beach has steep cliffs and romantic bays. At Little Bay Beach you can dive from the beach. Kimsha Beach is vibrant and has a lot of facilities. Mullet Bay Beach is close to the golf course. At Orient Beach is nude sunbathing allowed.


The capital of the Dutch side of St. Martin is Philipsburg. The capital of the French side of St. Martin is Marigot.


The annual carnival, which is celebrated in African-Caribbean style is an important festival in St. Martin. This carnival is celebrated even more exuberant than Christmas. The preparations of the costumes are already started in November.


St. Martin is a child-friendly island. In the quiet bays children can swim well. Many resorts in St. Martin offer special activities for children.

Climate/ Weather

St. Martin has a tropical climate. In the months of May to November, the most rain is falling, but this are short tropical showers. On the island the wind is almost always blowing and the temperature is pleasant, around 30 degrees. St. Martin is located in an area that is prone to hurricanes. In 1995, St. Martin was hit by Hurricane Luis.


The cuisine of St. Martin has African, Indian and European influences, but is mainly Creole. Specialties are fish and shellfish. The national dish of St. Martin's callaloo soup. This soup is prepared with different types of vegetables and meat, callaloo leaf is the main ingredient. Also, eating out is not a problem in St. Martin; There are no less than 400 restaurants to be found on the island. In some restaurants there is a dress code.


St. Martin is a mix of Caribbean and European cultural influences.


St. Martin is magnificent underwater. Usually, there is a view possible between 20 and 35 meters. Popular dive sites are the wrecks at Great Bay and Cable Reef.


Tourism is one of the largest sources of income in St. Martin.


St Martin is an island in the Caribbean Sea. The name comes from St Martin. Sint Martin is part of the Lesser Antilles. Sint Martin is divide in a French (Collectivite de Saint-Martin) and a Dutch (the country St. Maarten) part. There is free movement between the two parts of the island.


St Martin is located 240 kilometers east of Puerto Rico and south of Anguilla.


The Mullet Bay Golf Course is the only golf course in St. Martin. This 18-hole course (par-71) was designed by Joseph Lee around Simpson Bay Lagoon. Since 1990 there is a golf club on St. Martin.


The French part of Saint Martin has self-government since 2003 and is since 2007 an overseas collectivity. The Dutch part of St. Martin is since 2010 a separate country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Island hopping

St. Martin is conveniently located in the Caribbean, so you can hop from St. Martin to other islands easily. Day trips are possible to Anguilla, Saba, St. Eustatius and St. Barths.


The official language in the Dutch part of St. Martin is Dutch, the official language of the French part of Saint Martin is French. The official language of the whole of St. Martin is English.


For snorkeling, you can visit St. Martin very well. Because of the many reefs located just off the coast, the sea is shallow in many places and very rich in corals and tropical fish. Beautiful snorkeling spots around the island are Creole Rock, Pinel Island, Baie Rouge, Dawn Beach and Little Bay.


Popular sports in St. Martin are baseball, softball, boxing, athletics, football and basketball. In addition, cockfighting is a well-known phenomenon. This ancient sport is practiced in the French part of the island, La Savanna, Rambeaud and Grand Case.


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